Value Proposition

The values through which we endeavour to achieve success are:

1. Our Customers
We will make the Satisfaction of our Customer’s needs our Primary Goal by working with them to identify and satisfy their requirements now and in the future.

2. Our People
We will develop a working environment, which recognises and rewards their contribution to the business and encourages their personal involvement and development.

3. Our Suppliers
We will maintain beneficial relationships with all our suppliers and only work with those that provide a quality product/service.

4. Business
We will ensure the profitable growth of the business, which provides an acceptable return on investments to our shareholders by delivering value for money services to our customers.

5. Competition
We will aim to provide better services and on-time delivery than our competitors in those markets in which we choose to compete.

6. Leadership
We will adopt a consistently open, participative leadership style to harness the skills and enthusiasm of the whole workforce.

7. Training
We will provide the educational and training opportunities and resources to support the achievement of business objectives.

8. Responsibility for Quality
Management representatives will lead the quality programme and engage all employees through effective team working to ISO 9001 and AS9100. All members of staff shall be responsible to ensure that their work reaches quality standards first time.

9. Planning, Analysis and Improvement
Continuous improvement will be tackled through a planned and structured programme throughout the Company. Measurable objectives shall be agreed and regularly reviewed to ensure that the Company achieves what it sets out to do. Business risks and opportunities will be considered including changes in legislation, technology, demographics and the industry.

10. Community and Corporate Social Responsibility
We will recognise our responsibility to our people and to the wider commercial and social communities in which we operate.

11. Environment and Sustainability
We will aim to minimise our impact on the environment.