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21 November 2019 by Lydia




The offices will close at 5pm on Tuesday the 24th December and will re-open at 9am on Thursday 2nd January 2020.


No exceptions to these deadlines can or will be made.


Work completed for week ending 22.12.19


Timesheets received by 4pm on the 23.12.19 will be paid to your designated account on 27.12.19.


Timesheets received after 4pm will be paid in the New Year, our next payday will credit on the 3rd January 2020.


If you wish to be paid on 27.12.19 YOU must ensure that we have your timesheet by 4pm on 23.12.19.


Please note that it is YOUR responsibility to ensure that your timesheet has reached us – even if youhand it to a third party for submission.


For those whose monies are passed to a third party, every endeavour will be made to notify the third party in time for their deadlines.  However, no guarantees can be made.



Work completed for week ending 29.12.19


Timesheets received by 10am on Thursday  02.01.20 will reach your designated account on 03.01.20. Due to short processing times funds may credit later than normal on the 3rd.


Timesheets received after the above deadline will be paid on 10.01.20.



Work completed for week ending 05.01.20

Normal deadlines apply, i.e. midday on the 08.01.20