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    Marketing Campaign Manager/Events Manager

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    10 months

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Job Title: Marketing  Campaign Manager/Events Manager 

Contract Dates: February - December 2023 (To cover maternity leave)

Remote Working

Job Description

You will report to the Head of Marketing and will work closely with members of the Executive Board, Strategy & Business Development, Executive Assistants, Rolling Stock/Customer Services business development and SMO Corporate Communications teams.

Job purpose

You will run our involvement in all marketing events during your time with us. We get involved in around 20 events per year ranging from internal roadshows through to attendance at dinners, conferences, seminars, and major exhibitions.  Working to a well-defined process you will be responsible for every phase of event management, from tracking and identifying potential events, through to working with the team to select the optimum way of spending our event budget, working with our agencies and team to set up and run events, and creating exciting and interesting communications throughout.


  • Throughout the year

  • You will need maintain an accurate and comprehensive list of events at least 12 months ahead, which may be relevant to the company. These will align with our marketing campaigns and sales teams’ activities.

  • You will work closely with the marketing and sales teams across our portfolio to support the analysis of each event. You will drive the creation of a business case that allows our management team to identify the events which will best meet our needs.

  • You will use your experience to propose options for each event, determining the scale of attendance and optimum return on investment in each case.

  • When an event has been identified

  • You will be responsible for managing all activities leading up to and during the event.

  • If appropriate (because of the use of our brand or the nature of people, we are inviting) you will be responsible for managing our compliance and sponsorship permission submissions, with support from our Corporate Communications and sales teams.

  • You will liaise with the event vendors and be responsible for arranging the purchase order for costs associated with the event.

  • For dinners you will work with our sales team and other company stakeholders to identify which of our staff should be attending and which external contacts we should be inviting. You will manage the process of creating, sending, and managing invitations and tracking responses.

  • For conferences/seminars/exhibitions you will propose the potential levels of involvement that may be appropriate, including speaking slots, exhibition stands or simply just team member attendance. If necessary, you will work closely with our agency companies to deliver our part of the event.

  • You will work with our teams to ensure that we will have the right people at the event at the right time, and that they have an appropriate briefing and understanding of what is required of them on the day.

  • You will work with our teams to ensure that the content/collateral necessary for each event is created in a timely manner.

  • You will work with our marketing and communications teams to ensure that appropriate publicity is in place related to the event.

  • At the event

  • If appropriate you will attend the event, ensure that the attendance is managed correctly, that the appropriate resources are in place and that our agency teams are also delivering as required.

  • You will have a ‘fixer’ role to identify and overcome any issues on the day.

  • After the event

  • You will ensure that appropriate internal comms is available through the company’s standard channels to share the success of the events and repeat key messages. You will ensure that appropriate photography/video is available to do this.

Measures for success

  • Successful, highly engaging, and motivating events that run smoothly and deliver our marketing aims whilst delivering optimum return on investment within our budget.


  • An experienced event manager who has delivered many events of this type before.

  • Ability and willingness to attend some virtual and physical events to understand the opportunity

  • Flexibility and agility to react to and overcome any issues that may occur.

  • A great team player who can quickly build relationships and work with several teams to deliver this complex but highly important challenge.

Additional responsibilities:

  • Working with the Head of Marketing and Strategy Support to review and update the existing events strategy, making any changes to processes and procedures.

  • Working with other parts to agree these processes to ensure we are following to same timelines and understanding of each event.

  • Working with Rolling Stock/Customer Services to continue to develop (or replace) the  platform where all future events, logistics and meeting notes will be stored.