Temporary Labour

MPI recruitment consultants all have many years experience of searching, selecting and assigning temporary workers to companies in the aviation and defence sectors and have an inherent understanding of what skills are needed for each vacancy.

Our recruitment teams take pride in the quality of the personnel they assign ensuring that the right calibre of personnel for the task are selected from our database containing tens of thousands of pre-screened candidates.

MPI’s advanced verification and selection process surpasses the industry benchmark. Every candidate we submit is vetted and his or her qualifications, work experience, work standards, skills and identity are checked and verified. We then present clients with a select number of candidates for each position rather than overwhelming with endless CVs.

The holistic approach MPI employs helps individuals to quickly fit into the work environment both functionally and socially. We ensure that individuals are familiar with the task, are briefed about the client and any site-specific requirements and have up-to-date Human Factors and SFAR 88 training where required.

MPI has an excellent reputation for candidate matching and our recruitment teams work hard to ensure that we’re delivering the best possible service to our clients.