Fixed Price Work

Since 1994 MPI has undertaken packages of work at a fixed price for the conversion, modification, maintenance and structural repairs of a selection of fixed wing and rotary aircraft. MPI has firmly established an excellent reputation as specialists in this field having a proven track record of increasing productivity and reducing costs. This option incorporates the reassurance of total project management including; fixed pricing, scheduling, staffing, managing and risk sharing and allows you the flexibility of labour on demand. 

MPI utilises the main lean principles of zonal working, thereby ensuring that learning curves are minimised and productivity in key task areas are maximised. MPI has enhanced many projects and reduced modification timescales over the years by:

• Introducing lean principles and processes
• Implementing innovative work patterns
• Pre-selecting highly skilled workers with the right work attitude, motivation and ethics for each programme
• Investing in tooling and tool control procedures to enhance performance on the programmes.

All our fixed price team members are time-served aircraft personnel and we believe that we have the most knowledgeable and technically competent teams available to the aircraft fixed price contractor working party sector.