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Fixed Price Work

MPI Limited Rail are approved under Link-Up Accreditation 620404 Test and Commission to take on fixed price packages of Signal Work Testing.

For the last five years we have taken on and delivered the Signal Works Testing as fixed price for a number of our clients throughout the UK.

In the Southern and Anglian Region we have delivered the Signal Works Testing on over sixty S&C Renewals on time, on budget and in a safe manner.  The AFR on this scheme was 0.0

We have also taken on a delivered fixed price packages of work in Scotland and the London North West Region.

MPI Limited Rail have over 120 Signal Works Testers who hold a Network Rail Certificate of Competency.  This breaks down into 10 Testers in Charge, 8 Principle Testers, 60 Functional Testers and 52 Verification and Mod5 Testers.

We believe we have the strength and depth in our testing resource to deliver the resource you require for fixed priced packages of work.