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    SMS / Buyer

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    £13.90 PAYE

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    01992 501111

A week training in Luton, with travel to Birmingham for one week and Cardiff for 2 weeks, then last few weeks in Luton. Working 6 days a week – 50 hours pay

Outsourced maintenance logistics representative procedure

  • Representative

  • Data clean-up


This chapter provides guidance to logistic staff regarding the handover of the Bill of Material (BOM) from the preload team, representing outsources maintenance activities and data clean-up of AMOS during outsourced maintenance activities.

The nominated logistic representative, under overall control and responsibility of the Supply Chain team leader shall:

  • review the BOM detailing any shortages prior to aircraft input

  • ensure alternatives have been investigated with the preload team by using APN: 10234 or for DE AMOS APN: 10140 (pickslip last 60-day report) against the original part number requested on the Parts Consumption Forecast (APN: 204)

  • ensure a laptop and mobile phone is available during the check

  • ensure sufficient access to IT hardware and software

  • establish process for scheduled and ad-hoc transport

  • verify and keep a record of the AWBs for the shipments

  • send spares shortage sheet each morning

  • ensure open Transfer Orders are receipted in AMOS (APN 2121) by receiving a proof of delivery (POD)

The logistic representative will consult the relevant Supply Chain MRO and ensure that a daily overview is carried out regarding:

  • an update of received/returned or delivered parts and tooling

  • unused serviceable parts 

  • shortages 

  • queries

  • quarantined items 

EM purchasing shall:

  • purchase parts as requested by the MRO and logistic representative i.a.w. the contractual requirements

  • Ensure cost limits as shown on the "authorised Signatures list" are not exceeded; should the amounts fall outside the individual’s limits then authority to proceed is to be sought from a manager with the required limits.

  • Ensure that contracted components are ordered from the contracted supplier.

All components shall be received i.a.w. MOE chapter 2.2 "receiving inspection". Where drop-shipments from a supplier direct to the MRO are unavoidable due to time constraints, authorised receiving inspectors shall:

  • review the certification prior to the order being placed

  • material representative to perform a remote receipt (APN 869)

No parts should be scrapped by an MRO without permission from the Team Leader and/or Repairs Assessor and Negotiator. For further details on the EM's scrapping procedure.

Data clean-up

It is the responsibility of the nominated logistic representative, to ensure a clean and neat database. For this purpose, the following data clean-up standards shall be considered: 

  • order management screen shall be checked to identify any outstanding orders.

  • open purchase orders shall be checked with the vendor and closed/cancelled as required for parts that are no longer required.

  • ensure all exchange, pool and loan orders are returned to the supplier and processed in Order Management.

  • order tracking on "T" orders shall be checked for parts in transfer and confirm into MRO location

  • store management and standard locations tab shall be checked

o         to identify serviceable parts in relevant aircraft location.

o         to identify all system locations

o         to verify if all orders in order management are accounted for

o         to ensure the whereabouts of any unserviceable components are shown 

  • pickslip installed parts to the correct project code.

  • Any missing parts must be reported to the Team Leader immediately and the procedure for "lost components" shall be completed.

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