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Manufacturing labour supply

MPI has been supplying labour to the manufacturing and engineering sectors since we started in 1962, at one point in the 80’s we even had our own plant manufacturing PCB’s and electrical/mechanical assemblies. From the beginning electronics,telecoms and component manufacturers were our main customers but over time this has grown to include all manufacturers.

With this in-depth knowledge and history we know the pressures of manufacturing and how crucial contract labour supply can be and we have the experience and candidates to help you achieve these demands.

We also pride ourselves on the customer service we provide prior, during and after fulfilling a placement. We will always be honest and offer guidance as relationships are built on trust which we feel is integral to all businesses. A lot of our clients also find us to be cost effective so we could be a win win solution to your business.

From production operatives to assemblers, engineers to technicians, logistics staff to management we have the ability to help you for short or long contracts. Our recruitment team are on hand, and we always have someone on call if your company runs shifts out of normal office hours.

Our candidates are all fully vetted and any certifications are checked. We have various quality certificates and standards in place, which includes ISO 9001. We were one of the first companies to achieve the updated ISO 9001:2015 standard, when the revision was published. This is testament to the commitment we show to getting it right and cutting no corners when it comes to standards, across the entire business.

Trust us we do not put square pegs in round holes! Try us and find out for yourselves. Discover MPI- recruitment redefined