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24 March 2020 by Lydia

​On the first payroll week of tighter restrictions regarding working and travelling across the UK we find ourselves down to only being able to have 2 members of our normally 7 strong team able to work from the office due to others needing to isolate. Those able too are still working from home.  While MPI had a pre-existing disaster recovery plan nothing could have prepared us for this. We have spent this week preparing as best we can to move the whole Payroll team to working remotely from next week, unfortunately with the news of tighter restrictions not coming until we had begun this week’s payroll from the office, we were left with no alternative but to get it finished from the office as best we can, which is exactly what we will do.


What this means for our workers is that any timesheets received after midday today will unfortunately not be able to be processed until next week. If you haven’t yet sent your timesheet in, then please do so as a matter of urgency. Please be assured that we completely understand the need to ensure everyone is paid during this time. MPI have always worked hard towards this, and although the present circumstance make this harder we see no reason why it cannot be achieved each and every week. While we work towards this it may mean slight changes to the Payroll deadline each week, which we
will communicate to you in plenty of time. Please assist us during this time by sending your hours through at the earliest opportunity, though once they have been worked. The process for you sending in your hours has not changed. Please continue to email them through to Any that are downloaded from vacancy management systems will continue in the normal manner.


If you would like to check that we have received your timesheet please email to ask as if the team have to keep taking calls they won’t be able to process the payments.  In addition, before long our phone lines need to be diverted to a mobile number so you may experience difficulty in reaching your desired contact, please be patient with us and keep trying if your query is urgent or otherwise email your normal contact or and we will ensure your query is dealt with as soon as possible.


We are under no illusion that things will continue to change daily with regard to sites closing and we will do our best to support everyone in these difficult times.  We have created some communications which may help and they will be posted here before long but they have already been emailed to anyone currently or due to work for us.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your patience and support at this time, we understand that it is a difficult and concerning time for being self-employed and we will do everything we can to support each and every one of you through this.