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18 November 2021 by Simon Henser
Project Launch

As the largest supplier of contingent Signalling & Telecoms resources in the UK for over twenty-five years, we have supported our clients’ successful delivery of hundreds of projects throughout the UK. The supply of contingent labour is at the heart of MPI and as our presence and capabilities have grown and developed throughout the Rail industry we are proud of the projects we have supported such as Crossrail, Channel Tunnel Rail Link, Thameslink and BASRE all of them with a high level of support and an excellent safety record.

Fifteen years ago MPI Projects was formed, whilst the majority of our clients wanted contingent labour a number of clients also wanted a fixed price solution rather than contingent labour and we welcomed the opportunity to support them with this.

MPI Projects specialises in Signalling & Telecoms – Installation, Testing and Commissioning but we have the capability to provide civils support with our own in house team. We have a workforce and management team who have decades of experience which we have used to deliver over 1420 fixed price projects.Whilst the number of jobs we have delivered on a fixed price basis will surprise many, what we are most proud of is that our AFR and IFR for these works is 0.0 demonstrating that successful delivery and safety can go hand in hand.

Whilst looking through the 1420 jobs we have completed over the last 15 years we could see the successful delivery is consistently achieved, the locations are varied throughout the country from Truro, Clapham and Dover in the South to recent projects in Birmingham for HS2, Signal Consultancy in the North West and complete Signal Installation management and Test on projects in Howden and Reston. On Platform extension projects with Balfour Beatty and Volker Fitzpatrick we the MPI Projects team has also found the time to bring in new trainee Installers and Testers to the rail industry which is something we are very proud of.We also have a dedicated Points Team that can undertake light/heavy maintenance, bring up to standard or full renewal as needed, complete with trainee points fitters working under mentorship.

Through the initial enquiry, quotation, planning, programme agreement, installation, test, commission and handover phases MPI provides a dedicated team, including our own Signalling CRE to ensure that all nuances of the each project are fully considered, for example, wire degradation grades on relay rooms and the additional constraints this places on delivery.Where the work is under Signal Maintenance Standards we provide the AMP report process and provide a full post work report including photographs and test details undertaken.Where the work is delivered under Signal Works Testing the full testing documentation is provided during handover.

Each team comes with a fully kitted out van with tools, consumables and all materials are stored at our depot and delivery is included in our price.Each van also has full hand washing facilities too.

The MPI Projects team committed at every level to ensure that health and safety is never compromised and they have all signed up to our Four Steps to Zero Harm Safety behaviour programme. All of our teams are aware of the commitment to safety from the board and we actively support this with on-site joint safety tours with our clients and project teams.

With over 15 years in delivering projects, our experience and knowledge and grown and developed. Our clients are leading UK businesses who we consistently have repeat business with. With our track record in the Rail Industry we have the understanding to provide a competent and high level results..

We believe in providing an exceptional experience, to everyone, every time. We pride ourselves on consistent service, and work hard to build relationships that last. Our clients stay with us as their businesses thrive, and our team is longstanding, well established. This longevity is unmatched in our industry. It helps us to do things differently.

We're at the forefront of safe and effective solutions, but we like to look back to move forward. We complement new technology with the best of good service tradition. Dedicated and experienced project managers getting to know the people behind businesses and as an SME ourselves, ensuring we support local communities by using and training local labour, local training companies and sustainable enterprises.

From signalling consultancy and signal sighting support to major and extensive signalling renewal works we can offer a streamlined and straightforward solution, including the use of our delivery partners too.

Our impressive client base includes the biggest providers in the rail sector. We win every contract on the strength of our delivery and client service. We invest time and money in people. Put simply, we won't waste your time.

Talk to us today to find a new way in business.This is MPI Projects.

MPI Projects Redefined.