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04 February 2022 by Adam Webb
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We have just completed the summary of our annual results for the environmental and sustainability commitments we made last year. The goals are summarised below and then the outcomes are shared with them. We are very proud of our achievements.


OBJECTIVE 1 NATURAL RESOURCES - Goal: Reduce purchased paper consumption by 5% in 2021.

In 2021, 39 boxes of paper were purchased (equating to 11.7 trees), which was a staggering 39% reduction year-on-year and equated to a 90% reduction since 2018. All purchase paper was eco-rated and from sustainable sources.


OBJECTIVE 2 ENERGY - Goal: Change purchased energy contract to 100% renewable by September 2021.             

The new renewable energy contract commenced last October, which helped emissions reduce from 16.5tCO2e in 2020 to 13.2tCO2.


OBJECTIVE 3 WASTE - Goal: Achieve a recycling rate of 90% in 2021 where robust waste data is available.           

100% of confidential/used paper was shredded by Shred Station and sent off for recycling and 100% of mixed waste collected for recycling by Suez, diverting 3.78 tons from landfill last year.


OBJECTIVE 4 WATER - Goal: Monitor water consumption and aim to reduce by 1% in 2021.         

Readings from new supplier make comparison difficult to calculate year-on-year, however bills indicate a reduction in water use.


OBJECTIVE 5 EMISSIONS - Goal: Replace car fleet with a more ecological one by reducing the CO2e cap by 10% from 150g/km to 135g/km for new cars purchased in 2021/2022.        

Last year we made an impact by beginning to transition the fleet from fossil fuel to hybrid and EV cars.   


Goal: Nil accidental spillages of contaminants to water or land in 2021.

No reported spillages last year.


Goal: Minimise noise emissions to air.

No complaints from neighbours were made about noise, waste or other environmental issues.


Goal: Become Carbon Neutral by offsetting the CO2e created in 2020 through a recognised carbon offsetting project.

37 trees planted and 37t CO2e offset through a ‘tree buddying’ programme, which meant that for each tree we pledged, as well as planting a tree in the East of England region, one tonne of CO2 was offset through a Verified Carbon Standard project, to guarantee the carbon offsetting.


OBJECTIVE 6 BIODIVERSITY - Goal: Identify and implement 3 ideas in 2021 to help enhance local biodiversity.                  

Tree planting was carried out in the Eastern Region and our carbon was offset with overseas projects including the Pacajai REDD+ Project in the Amazon Rainforest, helping to reduce deforestation. In addition to these projects, a bird table was made by volunteers at Mudlarks, a local charity and positioned outside the Hertford office. Birds are fed now daily.


OBJECTIVE 7 PEOPLE - Goal: We will encourage the sharing of good environmental practices across MPI.             

Last year, there were a number of environmental awareness emails and blogs that were shared. The Big Green Week enabled many internal staff to get involved in various projects too. Training and briefing increased last year and two Environmental Champions were trained at Hertford office.

The above outcomes are a direct result of the changes that all staff have made and the ongoing support from everyone is needed order to continue our progress to achieving Net Zero.