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26 March 2022 by Lydia
Wildheart Blog

MPI's logo has the tagline "recruitment redefined" and we have often been asked what that means. Well it means lots of different things and you may have heard some of them, but the heart of it is that we believe we are different, that we make conscious decisions and differences to make the customer and contractor experience the best. We are more than just a recruitment agency.

And we have been striving to take this further. You may have seen on this site on other blogs or on our social platforms that we have worked for a number of years to make good business decisions that help the planet and the world around us. For example 37 trees planted and 37t CO2e offset through a ‘tree buddying’ programme, which meant that for each tree we pledged, as well as planting a tree in the East of England region, one tonne of CO2 was offset through a Verified Carbon Standard project, to guarantee the carbon offsetting. We also support the Pacajai REDD+ Project in the Amazon Rainforest, helping to reduce deforestation.

Today we are proud to announce and talk about the latest of our changes, a partnership with the fantastic Wildhearts group, who are now our office products supplier. We received our first order this week and are so pleased with the quality and service provided alongside the incredible work that they do.

WildHearts Group is a portfolio of companies that, through their activities and profits, create global social change. Their products and services are tailored to the demands of today’s business world, helping organisations from multiple sectors operate efficiently and responsibly. What makes Wildhearts incredible is that the profits they make are used to help change lives locally and globally. From addressing social mobility in the UK by equipping young people with key development and employability skills, to addressing gender inequality in the developing world through their StartHer Strategy they are truly incredible and we are proud to work with them to support these programmes.

Alongside this they also work tirelessly in schools to educate young people in improving the decisions they make for the environment, from plastic waste, food waste and implement solutions to improve bio-diversity. They offer support in so many areas and we know they will continue and expand on their incredible journey.

One of the quotes that Wildhearts make is "Business can and must be a force for good." We couldn't agree more - we do "redefine" what we do all the time, to be better for our customers, contractors and staff but also for the wider world and we are pleased to have found Wildhearts and to be able to work with them on their positive social and environmental journey for change.