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02 August 2022 by Lydia

The world of work has been through a lot in the last few years and so much has changed for everyone but particularly for contractors. Between the changes in so many industries after COVID-19, the changes to IR35 and the complications in working overseas after Brexit so much has changed for anyone who has chosen to take that path.

So after all these changes- why be a contractor?

We sent out a survey to all our contractors a while ago, we shared the important information for us and what we are doing right in the blog you can read by following this link: Contractor Satisfaction Survey

Among the questions was information to help us determine why they do it and why they are still driven to stay, which we are going to share with you so you can decide if it is the right career for you.

​The number one reason that contractors said they do it was for "flexible working", whilst the shifts are most often set by the client, there is less pressure than as a member of staff and if the work is done early you may just be able to get away. Also you could be working different shifts at different times and you may be able to negotiate to suit you. The other big one which is actually along the same theme is the "Freedom to choose where and when I work", this could be what some meant by flexible working, the ability to work somewhere for a few months then move somewhere else, in some cases for a few days or a few weeks. You could "see the world" or "see the UK" or just spend some time near home and then some time away, go to the coast in the Summer or hide in somewhere colder. You can choose to find night contracts, weekday only or weekend only contracts. You can work for what suits you and your family. Alongside this comes the "ease to change jobs". Most of us have found ourselves in a job that either wasn't what we were expecting or just isn't right for us but changing jobs when it is a permanent position can be difficult, plus you may have to work long notice and then start again in probation etc. Another popular response was "you learn more skills in different organisations" ,this is a lovely answer. Companies do of course have their own styles of working, different efficiencies, perhaps different equipment, so whilst the title is the same the job never is. The final popular answer was "not having to get involved in company politics". Whilst not all companies have negative politics, all have some politics in their hierarchy that help with interactions but as an outside contractor that is not a worry for you as position, promotion or company growth are not your concern. The ability to go to work and do your hours and come home without thinking or worrying about the next day or week can be a refreshing change.

The final few answers which a few people answered were:

  • Extended Summer Break

  • We get the job done on a low budget

  • Work Life Balance

  • Independence

  • Autonomy

  • Visiting different places

  • Weekly pay

  • Prompt payment

  • Not as much pressure

  • Pension top up

  • Being able to move around industries and fields

So from the words of those that do there are lots of varied positive reasons for being a contractor. So if you are interested in entering the world of contracting why not have a browse through some of our latest vacancies: Contract Jobs If it isn't for you why not check out our permanent vacancies: Permanent Jobs