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04 April 2023 by Adam Webb
Sustainability Objectives

​MPI are so proud of the achievements we have made in relation to sustainability that we would like to share our 2023 objectives so you can help us play a part in reaching those targets in 2023.





Objective 1: Company Growth

Sustain the Business.

Increase company growth by 5% in 2023


Objective 2: Natural Resources

Reduce our consumption of natural resources.

Reduce purchased paper consumption at MPI Hertford by 1% in 2023.

Continue to purchase paper from sustainable sources


Objective 3:Waste

Minimise waste using reduce, re-use and recycle before disposal to landfill.

Reduce waste per employee by 5% in 2023 where robust data is available.


Objective 4: Water

Reduce consumption of water.

Raise employee awareness of importance of reducing water usage in 2023.


Objective 5: Emissions

Reduce Scope 1 CO2e.

Reduce Scope 2 CO2e.

Minimise Scope 3 CO2e.

Minimise emissions to water or land through accidental spillages.

Minimise noise emissions to air.

Become Carbon Neutral.

Cap new car purchases and leases to 120g/km for 2023/2024 where possible. 

Ensure purchased electricity is from renewable sources at MPI Hertford in 2023. 

Monitor business travel to identify trends and ways of minimising CO2e in 2023. 

Nil accidental spillages of contaminants to water or land in 2023. 

Nil complaints from neighbours about noise issues in 2023. 

Offset CO2e created in 2022/23 through a recognised carbon offsetting project.


​Objective 6: Biodiversity

Increase biodiversity in local area

Continue to support Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust to help local wildlife and the environment.


Objective 7: People

We will encourage the sharing of good environmental and sustainability practices across MPI.

Provide employees with educational and training resources to support the achievement of the environmental and sustainability objectives.

Identify engagement measures to work with our employees to encourage knowledge sharing.


Objective 8: Supply Chain

Check environmental and ethical practices when selecting new/ reviewing existing core suppliers.

Check suppliers are ISO 14001 certified/have an EMS system.


Objective 9: ISO 14001

Extend ISO 14001 certification to encompass Telford office.

Develop EMS to include Telford.

Brief and train Telford employees.

Undertake Stage 1 and 2 audits in 2023.


Objective 10:Ethical Trading

All business dealings conducted in an honest and ethical manner.

Zero complaints raised by MPI’s conduct/breaches of legislation in 2023.

Assess ethical practices of suppliers annually where possible.


Objective 11: Community

Make a positive contribution to the local community

Identify and support a minimum of 3 local community projects in 2023.


Objective 12: Fairness

Aim to be a fair, respectful and inclusive company.

Pay fair wages to our staff.

Share our profits with employees.

Monitor diversity and aim to match the diversity profile in the community within the company.

Ensure all employees are paid at least the National Living Wage in 2023.

Continue to share profits with all employees


Objective 13: Health and Safety

Maintain a safe working environment.

​Accident frequency rate for employees = 0 in 2023.