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15 May 2023 by Lydia
Learning At Work Week

This week is learning at work week and an opportunity to celebrate the value of continuous learning and professional development. In this blog post, we will explore the theme of creating the future by focusing on how, as a recruitment agency we go above and beyond by providing upskilling opportunities and apprenticeships. By investing in our employees and nurturing talent from within, we believe we are shaping a brighter future for both individuals and industries alike.

At MPI we don't just celebrate this as a one off, we live this message every day! With a diverse workforce comprising of apprentices, contractors in a trainee scheme, and seasoned individuals who are upskilling, we believe in fostering a culture of learning that enables everyone to reach their full potential.

​The Importance of Learning At Work

The recruitment industry is an ever evolving one, constantly adapting to changes in the job market, technology advancements, and evolving candidate expectations. In today's fast-paced and competitive environment, recruiters and HR professionals must stay abreast of the latest trends, strategies, and tools to remain relevant and competitive.

MPI, with our 60 years in business recognised the need to the use the best of our experience whilst embracing what modern technology has to offer. We know that continuous learning plays a vital role in keeping our recruitment professionals at the forefront of their field. As technology continues to reshape the industry, recruiters need to develop new skills to effectively leverage digital platforms, social media, data analytics, and artificial intelligence in their sourcing and selection processes and by learning these new skills and combining with advice and training from our seasoned experts we can and do provide a successful recruitment process for candidates and clients alike.

Learning in the workplace has many benefits, from a sense of personal growth leading to greater motivation, fresh perspectives leading to positive change and talent retention due to the value individuals feel offering opportunities for continued learning is great for individuals and the companies they work for. MPI has understood and embraced this for years, working with our clients and sponsoring apprenticeships through them, upskilling individuals in the rail industry in partnership with our client with a trainee scheme and developing an in house training department when it was needed with clients.

Learning in the workplace isn't just a good idea, it is essential to the future!

Ways MPI Encourage Learning At Work

1. Apprenticeships.

​For more than a decade MPI have embraced and promoted the apprenticeship programme, from sponsoring apprentices through our clients, engaging many school leavers in our head office on a variety of apprenticeships and more recently upskilling some of our longer term employees whose stories you can read about here: Lydia's Blog and Gemma's Blog. MPI cannot praise the apprenticeship programme enough and currently have seven internal members doing various levels of apprenticeship. Thanks to our many years of success with these programmes we have refined the schemes so that individuals can thrive on their apprenticeships. By combining well-designed training programs, mentorship, and on-the-job learning experiences, MPI ensures that apprentices receive a holistic learning experience that prepares them for long-term success in their careers.

​2. Trainee Scheme.

Since 2015 MPI have worked with one of our major clients on an innovative trainee scheme to address the skills shortage in the rail industry. The program offers aspiring individuals hands-on experience and training through partnerships with renowned rail companies. MPI Limited emphasizes diversity, aiming to attract candidates from various backgrounds to foster inclusivity and innovation. Trainees receive mentorship from experienced professionals, enabling them to navigate industry challenges effectively. Additionally, MPI Limited collaborates with educational institutions and training centres to provide tailored programs aligning with rail sector requirements. The scheme has been so successful in helping people expand their skills base and take their careers to the next level. We are so proud to be involved in this scheme and do our part to the overall advancement of the rail industry.

3. Upskilling

As well as offering our employees the option to upskill through apprenticeship programmes we embrace any training or development that people want to be involved with. We have run a variety of rail trainee courses so that our recruiters and compliance team have a full understanding of the industry they are supporting. We also run first aid courses, mental health first aid courses, health and safety courses and welcome thoughts from anyone on their personal development. MPI wants everyone to feel supported in their career development and managers regularly check in with their teams to discuss opportunities for advancement.

So in conclusion "Learning at Work Week" presents a tremendous opportunity for us to reinforce our commitment to professional growth and development. By prioritising the learning needs of our apprentices, contractors, and existing workforce, we can create an environment that nurtures talent, drives innovation, and ensures our agency remains at the forefront of the industry. Let's seize this week to celebrate learning, inspire each other, and set the stage for a brighter future filled with endless possibilities.