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12 December 2023 by Lydia
Green Christmas
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Christmas can be a wonderful time full of joy, celebration, family and ​too much food!! But it can also be a time for excessive pressure and consumerism which can actually lead to the opposite feelings, fear, dread, disappointment and a debt to repay in the New Year. So what could we do to make a difference? One potential way is to embrace mindful and sustainable gift-giving practices. You will find below some ideas of how you might achieve this and maybe relieve some of the stress in the final countdown.

1. Gift an Experience!

One of the things we look forward to most about the Christmas break is time with our loved ones, as it is often precious and hard to arrange, so why not make sure it isn't the only time by giving them a gift experience instead of a physical item. Concert tickets, cooking classes, spa vouchers, and outdoor adventures are just some of the gifts you can buy in voucher form these days. Even a local restaurant will likely be able to provide you with a voucher and this also encourages local enterprise and support. These type of gifts provide lasting memories without adding to the clutter of material possessions which not only reduces waste but also encourages quality time spent together.

2. DIY and Homemade Gifts.

No matter what your talents are there is always a way to arrange a personalised/ homemade gift. Whether it's a hand-knitted scarf, homemade jams, family photographs, or crafted artwork, these gifts carry a unique touch that reflects the effort and love you put into creating them. If you don't feel you have that level of talent you could write out your family recipes in a book or go old school and make a playlist or mixed tape of songs that mean something to you. And best of all they often come with minimal environmental impact.

3. Upcycled and Recycled Treasures.

Embrace the beauty of upcycled and recycled gifts. Explore local markets or online platforms that specialise in repurposed items. There are businesses that offer jewellery made from reclaimed materials, handbags crafted from recycled fabrics, furniture made from pallets or beautiful driftwood creations these gifts tell a story of sustainability and eco-conscious living. Or if you are feeling brave, you could visit a local charity shop and try and upcycle something yourself.

4. Sustainable Subscription Services.

Consider gifting subscription services that promote sustainability. Subscription boxes for organic snacks, eco-friendly beauty products, or sustainably sourced coffee not only make thoughtful gifts but also support companies committed to reducing their environmental footprint.

5. Plant-Based and Eco-Friendly Gifts.

Opt for gifts that align with an eco-friendly lifestyle. From reusable water bottles and bamboo cutlery sets to plant-based skincare products, seed packets, indoor planting kits or air purifying plants, organic or help clothing or fashion accessories, all these items and more promote sustainability while encouraging your loved ones to adopt greener habits in their daily lives.

6. Charitable Donations.

For the family member who has everything! Give the gift of making a difference by donating to a cause your loved one is passionate about. Many organisations offer the option to make a donation in someone's name, providing a meaningful and impactful way to celebrate the holiday spirit.

7. Local and Ethical Products.

Its important to get behind our local businesses and traders who are putting their hearts into ethical and sustainable practices. Next time you're on the lookout for a special gift, consider going for something made from materials sourced right in your community. It's not just about being eco-friendly; it's about supporting the local community. With handmade, fair-trade goodies you can feel the passion and skill that went into making them. So, let's make choices that matter, supporting local people and businesses so that we still have the option and not just an online marketplace. We also avoid the environmental impact of the deliveries!

8. Reusable Wrapping Alternatives.

Wrap your gifts in an eco-friendly manner by using reusable gift wrap or cloth. Fabric, scarves, or even newspaper can make creative and sustainable alternatives to traditional wrapping paper. Encourage your recipients to continue the cycle by reusing or repurposing the wrapping materials.

This Christmas, let's "redefine" the holiday spirit and change our focus from stress and consumerism to a more mindful and sustainable approach to gift-giving. In a world saturated with material excess, let's embrace a celebration that goes beyond the tangible and into the realm of meaningful experiences, the personal and thoughtful touch and bring the calm back. Opt for gifts that are kind to our planet, making this holiday season not just joyful but also environmentally conscious. Let's wrap up the year with a green Christmas, spreading love and leaving a positive impact on both our loved ones and the beautiful planet we call home.

In essence, let's make this festive season a harmonious blend of joy and responsibility. A green Christmas not only brings warmth and happiness to our loved ones but also leaves a positive footprint on the environment. As we exchange gifts, let's celebrate not just Christmas but also our commitment to a more conscious and caring world.