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05 February 2024 by Lydia

As the nation celebrates the invaluable contributions of apprentices across various industries, we are thrilled to introduce you to and shine a spotlight on a promising addition to our team.

At MPI we are passionate about fostering growth, learning, and professional development, and we firmly believe in the power of apprenticeships to cultivate the next generation of skilled individuals. This blog post serves as a platform to share the exciting news of our newest team member, Laila and her aspirations and journey so far.

1.       What initially attracted you to join MPI as an apprentice?

I have always wanted to get into recruitment although my previous jobs I had worked at had very different skills and experience. Therefore, joining MPI as an apprentice was the perfect way to gain experience but also be lucky to have the chance to learn in depth more about the industry as well.


2.       In these first few weeks, what aspects of the apprenticeship have stood out to you the most?

I have learnt that it is important to have a clear understanding of the industry. Through doing an apprenticeship, it helps as you’re able to learn on the job. All your theory links in with the practical work which allows you to build extra knowledge and take the correct approach.


3.       Can you share your initial impressions of the workplace and the team?

Since working with MPI I have been made to feel very welcome. The team that I am working with are very friendly and affable which makes coming into and getting used to my job role very enjoyable.


4.       What expectations did you have before starting, and have they been met so far?

Before starting I had hope that I would be able to pick up the allocated role easy. Since started working with MPI has met these expectations as I feel combatable asking any questions and for help when I need.


5.       What is the most surprising thing you have learned during your first two weeks?

 The way the company work over Christmas period despite being busy but still manage to appreciate all the staffs hard work by offering things such as a pizza lunch, activities, secret Santa, an office advent calendar and more.


6.       What support or resources have you found most helpful in navigating your early days here?

 Learning from different teams about how the company works and how the different areas operate. Learning through different websites and how to write and construct emails.


7.       Is there a piece of advice or guidance from your team that has been particularly valuable?

 Just to always try your best and never give up.


8.       What achievements, no matter how small, are you proud of in these early stages?

 I am proud of gaining confidence from using the phone and being able to talk to many different people making sure that we meet their needs ensuring we keep everyone happy.


9.       Are there specific skills or knowledge areas you are eager to develop further in the coming weeks?

 Id like to grow and progress in my role building up confidence and learning more. I am eager to continue building my knowledge and skills within my work to the best of my ability making sure that I get a good outcome to benefit myself and others.


10.   What are your goals for your apprenticeship at this early stage?

 ·         To develop and gain more skills.

·         To get a better understanding of the recruitment industry.

·         Gaining more confidence.

·         Build knowledge. ​

We hope you will all join us in welcoming Laila to the MPI team and we look forward to celebrating her qualification when she achieves it.