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24 June 2024 by Lydia
Dharani Profile

Happy INWED24!!

At MPI every year we like to celebrate an inspiring female from within our contracting team and this year we approached Dharani Rajamani, a software test engineer who has been engaged on contract with us since Oct last year.

This year the theme for INWED is enhanced by engineering and I am sure you will agree with software being a part of almost every aspect of our lives, individuals like Dharani are most definitely enhancing our lives. Thank you Dharani.

So over to the questions:

1.)    How did you get onto software engineering? Was it always your career path?

I have a passion for technology through attending seminars and giving presentations. Since a teenager I have been studious in coding like problem-solving and bug finding. I graduated as a Software Engineer and got my first opportunity in understanding contemporary blockchain and building the databases with blockchain. That’s how it’s all started. Of course, I will continue being a software developer that’s the place where I evolved myself by working in different cultures, technologies, and positions.


2. When you started training in engineering, did you feel your future opportunities were limited or extensive as a woman in a traditionally male field?

I, as a woman have historically felt that opportunities in engineering were limited due to gender biases and a lack of representation. This perception stems from a lack of female role models and stereotypes.


3. Do you now see these opportunities differently?

The industry has been changing, with increasing efforts to promote diversity and inclusion. Organisations are aware of the efficiency of diverse teams and are implementing policies to support women in tech. The future is certainly promising for the next generation.


4. Over your career, have you been treated differently by colleagues, managers, clients, or people who report to you because of your gender?

I am privileged that I have never treated differently by any body in the Concern because of my gender. I have worked in different companies so far; all my managers and colleagues motivated and encouraged me to grow technically and personally.


5.) What advice do you personally have for girls thinking of entering the Software engineering world?

·         Start learning to code through online resources, school programs, or coding bootcamps.

·         Look for female engineers who can provide guidance and support.

·         Join communities and organizations that support women in tech.

·         Overcoming challenges is part of the journey. Believe in your abilities and stay motivated.


 We would like to thank Dharani Rajamani for her time and efforts in talking to us in celebration of INWED24.

It is particularly encouraging to hear that despite the perception of limited opportunities, Dharani has thrived and been supported throughout her engineering journey and that the narrative is more positive for the future of women engineers!!

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