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    B1 Licensed Engineer

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  • Salary:

    £34.50 - £40 p/hour

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    01992 501111

  • Duration:

    Until May 2020

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Job Title: B1 Licensed Engineer

Location: Luton Airport

Duration: ASAP until May 2020

Hours per week: 50+

Basic hours: Mon – Fri 07:00-17:00 plus overtime

Pay rate: £37.50 p/h LTD (£34.50 p/h plus £3.00p/h LTD loyalty/ performance bonus) OR £40.00 p/hr LTD (£37.00 p/hr LTD h plus £3.00p/h LTD loyalty/ performance bonus) depending on type ratings.

Duties: Working in a Base Maintenance environment for a Winter Maintenance Programme.

Suitable candidates MUST;

- Have current EASA B1 Licence with Type Rating, approvals, etc. on at least two of the following; B737 NG/ B767 / B787 / B757 on current License with current approvals, cert of recognition etc.

- Personal Record/Logbook certified for last 6 months on 2 years on 2 types listed.

- Current continuation training.

- Quality/Cert of recognition letter from last place worked.

- Successful applicants will undertake a 5 year referencing check and criminal record checks.

Performance/Loyalty Bonus:

Bonus is paid 3-monthly (starting Sept 2019) and payable on Bay Managers discretion.

If the contractor does not leave of their own accord, i.e. downturn of work and cannot be kept on, they will still be entitled to the bonus accrued thus far.

A contractor will be assessed if they are to receive the Loyalty/Performance against the following criteria:

- Right first time certification.

- Auditing paperwork.

Working Hours p/week:

- Hours = 07:00 – 17:00, plus an extra hour/hour and a half Overtime p/shift.

- Please be aware that this is not a strictly Monday to Friday role. You will be guaranteed a minimum of 47.5 hours p/week over 5 days, but have to be prepared that you may be required to work weekends also if the work demands it.

- However, if a contractor is required to work Saturday, you can request a day off during the week if you choose to do so. E.g. if a contractor is asked to work Saturday, he can then request both Sunday and Monday off as his 2 days for that week.

- Flexibility for working is required.

- Weekend working may be phase out as the season goes on and the Winter Programme becomes more effective and streamlined.

- Working Time Directive states that a contractor must have a minimum of 11 hours off between shifts and that a contractor can work 12 days in 14.

- Please note that you are responsible for clocking you own hours. No clock in = no pay (as long as it is not an error on the system).


All training will be completed in your first week /first week of the winter season. Contractors will be on the clock/ paid for the time that training is completed onsite.